Introducing Our Newly Reformatted Weekly Kit!

We have streamlined and reorganized our kits to better suit the needs of our customers based on feedback on our Facebook Group and Instagram! It goes from 6 pages to now 4.5 pages and everything is more customizable to fit your perfect vertical planner layout (or any planner for that matter!) I hope you love these changes! A lot of research thought and love has gone into this reformat!

See an Instagram video of me explaining the different details of the kit! 

Thank you for your great requests and feedback that helped shape the new look!  Here is an overview of the feedback we received! 




Now onto details of the changes we made based on the data we collected from all of you!

I am using one of our recent kits in the older format, "Whisk Taker" to compare it to the new kit that will be releasing as the first kit in the new format, "Inhale".


Our Full Boxes sheet has stayed the same! Our customers let us know that they need at least 7 full boxes to complete a week, so we kept our standard 8 boxes still available! :) 



A big request was to add more boxes! We also wanted to create more variety in the type of boxes. On this sheet, there are 8 half boxes, 8 quarter boxes, and 8 smaller, header-sized, boxes! They are now all squared off based on the Instagram data collected from our instastories! (Follow us @sweetfoxpaperie) There are some scalloped edged half boxes, flag quarter boxes, and boxes with borders just on the top and bottom to give more variety! You are getting 10 more boxes this way than our original format! 



On our original kits, the functional things, such as habit trackers and headers were on different sheets. Now all of the functional elements are together. It was clear through polls in our Facebook Group, that icons and checklists were rarely used by most of our customers. Now with this sheet, you have more customization available to you. You can use the blank headers as washi strips, write your own words, or use the script lettering to still make it like our old kits- but now with lettering that matches the kit! The little hearts are there to DIY your own checklist! I always felt regulated to 3-5 heart checklist boxes or flag, when sometimes my list is anywhere from 1-10 things to accomplish at a time! This way, you can decide how many hearts you need in your checklists! The hearts will always match the colors of the kit! We also made sure to keep our unique weekend banners as per your requests!



With the variety of planners and more and more things to do- we wanted to give more versatility to the bottom washi. It is now two strips that are thinner than the one large strip! It still fits the bottom of most Standard Vertical Kits, or you can use it to block out a part of your week/day. The deco is also on this sheet because it made sense to me that if you love using washi in your kits- you most likely also like decorating with little accent pieces! 



Our Date Covers was hands down, the most popular thing in our shop! I am so glad that you love them because I love designing them! However, sometimes you want to purchase a kit to last a couple of weeks. Now you can easily purchase extra date covers in these cute quarter sheets! Our date covers will be easier than ever to order as separates as well! Collect them all!  


I hope you love all these changes! I hope to keep creating new kits and reformatting some of our most popular kits! If you would like a say in which kits get retired versus reformated, make sure to follow us on Instagram (@sweetfoxpaperie) and join our Facebook Group: Sweet Fox Paperie

June 23, 2020 — Emilee Wong