Why Our Stickers are Special

As a fellow sticker addict in the planning community, I know what makes a sticker worthy of detailing your memories. 

+ High-quality ink that is vibrant and does not bleed or rub off the paper. You will never have inky hands when working with our stickers!
+ Buttery smooth sticker paper that will stick onto your planner, but still has a little wiggle room in case it was placed a little crooked the first time... (we've all been there!)
+ Perfectly cut lines without too much of a cut border. I'm meticulous when it comes to the perfection of my sticker cuts. Even if it is slightly off, it goes straight into a future misfit grab bag! Stickers in a planner are like tattoos on your body, if they are going to be permanent, I expect perfection!
+ Unique patterns, colors, and designs. You will find combinations and formats in this shop that you wouldn't find in others!

Why We are a Ready to Ship Store

+ Quality versus Quantity: I want to make sure everything you receive is of it's best quality and I am able to do that by keeping stock limited to what I have precut and inspected. 
+ Faster Shipping Times: I am personally an impatient online shopper. If I see something I love I don't want to wait 2-3 weeks to see it ship and I don't think you wanted to either! That is why our stickers ship out within a week or sooner!